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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hotel bidding with Priceline

no one deals like we do!

One of my favorite websites to book travel through is priceline. I often use this to book hotels and occasionally I use it for flights. Here are a few of the deals I have gotten.

$45 a night at Courtyard Marriott in Jackson Mississippi
$33 a night at Hilton Garden in near Sea World, Orlando
$40 a night at Holiday Inn in Tallahassee

When you are bidding on the first page it will pop up a box that tells you if there is next to no chance of that bid being accepted. So, if for a $30 bid it says this, I bump it up in $5 increments until it takes that box away. So, lets say at $45 it took the box away, now I am going to start reducing it by $1 until it pops up again. Now I am at $42 when the warning pops back up, so I bid $43 and I usually get it.