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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't go to Greeta Khare at Asthma & allergy clinic in Panama City Florida

Don't go to Greeta Khare at Asthma & allergy clinic
If you are looking for somewhere to go for allergies or asthma I strongly recommend you avoid this clinic. Although the dr. was knowledgeable she is unreliable and her staff is horrible. The staff is rude and flaky.
I kept my young daughter off her medicine for three days, because the Dr. told me I had to for the allergy testing. Then twenty minutes before our appointment they cancelled. My daughter has barely made it through each day being off her medicine and then can't even be seen.

When I took my daughter in she was really struggling with her eyes now many months I realize that if this Dr. had taken the time to really figure out what was going on my daughter could have been saved so much suffering.  Dr. Greeta Khare is apparently not knowledgeable or she would have caught what apparently a very common eye disease caused by allergies.