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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Family Travel posts I enjoyed this week #TT

Here are a few family travel blog posts I enjoyed reading this week.

500 Places with Kids has an article about ziplining during their family vacation in Mexico.  It looks like so much fun and makes me want to take my kids.

Mo Travels has a post on her experience at the Disney Princess half marathon.  I thought this was very interesting to read about, because I had the opportunity to meet Monique just a few days before she ran it.  Based on what she had told me about it I couldn't wait to read how it went.  I am actually motivated now to maybe do this myself one day.

To Europe With Kids has an article on some of the best views they've seen on their family vacations in Europe.  The views are from the steeples of various churches.  Her pictures are beautiful.

Two Kids and a Map has a post up about traveling with her mom on their "miliary family vacations".  This hit home because she was a military brat and that's what my kids are.  All the things she mentions her mom doing for the military moves, is stuff I do for my own kids. Turning a military move into a family vacation is difficut.   I hope my kids look back and have good memories of all the things they have done and not "I had to drive in the car for 10 straight days"