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Saturday, October 12, 2013


 LegoKidsFest was everything we thought it would be and more. I couldn't believe how excited everyone was for this event. Here's a short video that gives you an idea of the energy at the Lego event. (I tried to edit out the screaming.)

As soon as we walked through the entrance we were greeted with huge Lego creations like these.

We immediately went and signed up for the Master Builder's Academy, because there were limited spots available. At least that's the way it was presented, my guess is that space is not limited.
I also thought the Master Builder leading the session would teach the kids to build a certain thing, but he didn't. He did an educational thing about building and answered questions. It was interesting and I learned a ton about Lego. After the Master Builder talks he tells the kids to go make a plane and that's pretty much it.
Here are the planes my kiddos made. You'll notice that Jonah has lost a tooth!
 All around the fest was stations. At this station my kids got to shoot things down.
At this station they got to compete with Chima Legos. Afterwards all kids received a Chima
 At this station everyone could build whatever they wanted to and add it to a map of the United States. They had tons of tables set up and plenty of legos available for building.
 I'm a die hard Red Raider, since I went to college at Texas Tech, and I built a double T and had them place it in Lubbock, TX.
Needless to say, most were putting their creations up in Oregon and Washington. I still felt pretty good about it.

We spent a lot of time at the Lego Technic station one of the best parts of the show for older kids. It was manned by a company called Play-Well Teknologies. I was super impressed with their staff. They are a nationwide company and hold camps and classes. I'm hopeful they will be offering classes near us. 

I like what they were doing so much that I ask where to get the Legos they were using. They suggested I check out their site where there would be more info. He mentioned that these types of Legos were expensive and to check their site for info on a resale Lego shop. Well, I check it out and it's called Bricklink. It's a phenomenal site where you can literally buy any Lego imaginable. So, instead of having to buy a huge expensive kit to get these parts, I only have to buy the ones we need!
We also stopped buy the Star Wars station, the challenge station where each kid received a Lego car set to make the Bat Mobile, the game station where each kid received an iPad game Life of George (they love this game), and lots of other stations. Overall it was a great time.

How to make a LEGO Lion

Disclosure - I received tickets in exchange for a review.  Opinions are my own.