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Sunday, September 19, 2010

8 Ways to have a blast at Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween party!

Here are a few tips to make sure your family trip to Walt Disney World's Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween party is wonderful for the whole family.
Mickey's Not so Scary Halloween party Magic Kingdom Disney World
1) Don't bother taking in bags or buckets. They have bags you can use and they are more than enough to hold your goodies and if it isn't they will just give you another bag.

2) Everyone in the family can dress up including the parents. ALL the kids will be dressed up! If you don't bring your child in costume you will end up at the store buying a $60 one by the end of the night!

3) Dress for hot weather.  Do not assume because it is evening time that you will be okay in a hot costume.  Orlando does not cool that much in the evening in October.

4) Don't be a candy regulator.  I saw several parents getting on to their child and making an issue about how much candy they were eating.  One mom told her child only 3 pieces and then that was it.  You are at Disney World and they are throwing candy at you.  Do not damper the fun by making an issue out of it.  I can tell you from watching those families it wasn't worth it. 

5) Get out there and dance!  No one knows who you are, so who cares what you look like when you dance!

6) Get there by 3:45 PM.  This way by the time you park, ride the shuttle and take the tram into the Magic Kingdom you will able to get right in.  By getting there early you insure that you will have time to ride several rides before the dance parties begin.

7) Do not miss the parade.  It is a fabulous villain parade and it can only be seen at this party.

8) Do not sit to close to the castle for the fireworks.  If you do you will not be able to see the fireworks.  The best place to sit is to the right of the castle towards Tomorrowland.

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