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Friday, November 5, 2010

Supreme Court in Washington D.C.

Our next day in D.C. was still alot of walking but a lot less than the day before since I found the subway station near our hotel.  That morning we started out by getting on the subway and getting off at the subway stop behind Congress so we could walk over to the Supreme Court.  This first picture is us headed to the court, but stopping in front of the library for a quick picture.  I heard after we had already left that the National Library is very impressive and something worth seeing.  I didn't know so we just walked by.

Supreme Court Washington DC

The Supreme Court

Supreme Court Washington DC

Supreme Court Washington DC

Inside they have two stair cases like this.  We walked around looking and ate breakfast in the cafeteria there.  (I don't recommend) 

Supreme Court Washington DC

I had hoped to get on one of the tours that they do in the court room, but we missed it by a few minutes and the kids weren't terribly interested in staying longer just to go in the court room.  I went in on the tour about 7 years ago and it was very interesting.  It's by far the best part of going there.