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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Factor Tree - Review

I'm a buzzagent and I got to review a math website for kids called The Factor Tree for free for 30 days.  Overall I think it is a pretty good website, but not something I would pay for.  When you start your kids out on the program they are given a test.  This test determines what level the kids should start out on. 

My fourth grader was able to use it on his own, but my 1st grader had to have a lot of help.  I basically had to sit there with her the entire time she used it.  It did give me the opportunity to teach her how to tell time.  The level she initially tested out own kept giving her time problems.  So, every time a question on time popped up I would explain it and then we would figure it out together. 

My first grader enjoyed the site and asked several times if she could do it.  My fourth grader used the site when I asked, but was not interested in it.  He never wanted to do it on his own. 

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