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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Goby.com is a great travel tool for families

gGoby.com has been a new fantastic website discovery for me.  I just found out about it a week ago when they partner with TravelingMom.com to giveaway an IPad 2!!!!  I was so excited and loved their website.  Then the next day I found out my kids were accepted into Operation Purple camps for military kids.  I was thrilled, but my daughter is only 7 and I am nervous to leave her behind.  Not sure what to do, I turned to Goby.com immediately and looked at the closest town to where my kids will be.  I wanted to see what the town was like and if it was a place I could spend a week with my four year old. 

Once I looked it up I realized it was a huge town with tons to offer.  I had never heard of it, so I assumed it was an in the middle of nowhere kind of place.  Instead I found water parks, museums, playgrounds and more.  I even found something just for me, wineries!  Yes, I take my kids to wineries and they complain the entire time. 

I was able to plug in the dates we were going to be there and they gave me a list of concerts, a brewery festival, plays and baseball games.  It was so easy.  In less then 10 minutes I knew everything I needed to know.  Including a place for us to stay!

Be sure to go enter the contest at TravelingMom.com and join us for a Twitter Party May 23rd.  I know everyone wants an Ipad!!  See you at the party!

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