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Friday, March 29, 2013

Ski Bowl - Mt. Hood

Have you been out skiing yet this year? We just got back from another day trip up to Ski Bowl on Mt. Hood in Government Camp. We decided to get season passes there this year. They offer military members and their families half off tickets and half off season passes. 
Ski Bowl
The best thing about Ski Bowl is the price. Skiing on Mt. Hood can be expensive, but Ski Bowl is cheaper than most of the others. The second best thing is the location. Located right off the highway as you get into Government Camp. Ski Bowl West is right before you actually go into Government Camp. This make it the closest ski resort to Portland, Oregon. Ski Bowl East is almost as close only a few more minutes away. One ticket gets you into their West and East sides.
Ski Bowl
The down side to Ski Bowl is their lifts. They only have two person lifts without the rail that comes down to rest your feet on. This can be challenging with kids. If your kid needs help make sure to put them on the side where the lift operator can help you get them on the lift. There are multiple lifts. They also have three tow ropes. (I hate tow ropes.)
Mt. Hood OR

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