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Friday, October 22, 2010

It wasn't suppose to be a nude beach! - Barcelona, Spain

When we were in Barcelona, Spain we decided to spend basically an entire day at the beach. It was nice to have a day of rest after all the walking and sightseeing we had been doing. I love the Sagrada Familia, but I also love the beach!

We knew we didn't want to go to a nude beach, so we headed out for the non nude beach. What we didn't realize that All the beaches in Europe are apparently top optional. At least in Spain they are. We got to the beach and caught on quickly. I did not go topless, because that just isn't my thing...at all. I tried to focus on the beauty of our surroundings and not on the ta-ta's all around. I must say it really creeped me out for mom's and their adolescent daughter's to both go topless. I just don't get it. My friend from England thinks it's no big deal, so I guess it just comes down to what you are used too.  Here are a few photos of us....hopefully there are no boobies in the picture. If there is, I am so sorry it wasn't intentional. Nor has thing become an "adult" kind of blog.
Barcelona Spain
At the beach they had chair rentals for 5 Euros.  You could also get a massage for $5 or 5 Euros.  

I should also mention that with in minutes of getting to the beach we saw someone's bag get snatched!  A few elderly looking people were walking around waiting for an opportunity to steal.  Luckily the young women had no problem chasing down the older lady.  So, beware of your stuff in a crowded open beach.
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