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Friday, October 15, 2010

My Pathetic Garden (at least it's organic)

    My garden here in Las Vegas is quite pathetic. I knew better then to plant veggies in the ground and thought putting them into pots would be best. Even using pots it was still too hot for some things to grow. I also tried these garden bags for the first time.   On the up side using pots and bags for gardening makes it much easier to garden organically!

This pot has a few carrots growing.

One bag has strawberries and the other has assorted peppers. So far neither have done well. I'm hoping as it gets cooler that they will actually produce.

I have basil and one tomato plant. Both were this size when I bought them. They have not grown at all yet.

I planted this squash 3 months ago. I think I might actually have some squash in another few weeks.

I have recently planted some radish just because they grow quick and I am trying to keep the kids engaged.  They were most excited to grow pumpkins, so of course those were the first to be fried by the sun and die.

Gardening with Kids