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Monday, November 8, 2010

Walking around Washington, D.C.

Once we were done at the Supreme Court we crossed the street and were at the back of the Capital building.   This is actually the side your enter on for your Capital tour.

US Capital building Washington D.C.

It takes a while to walk around it!

US Capital building Washington D.C.

Unfortunately while we were there this was as close as you could get. Used to you could walk up the stairs, but this time they were closed to the public. I saw a sniper up there trying not to be noticed!

US Capital building Washington D.C.

Now we are leaving to capital area for today and headed to some of the Smithsonians.   All of the Smithsonians are completely free.

Washington Monument Washington D.C.

We did stop briefly at the National botanical gardens. I was hoping to go inside but the kids were not up for it.   It looked really awesome in there, but it was quite hot.  I think they could have made it through there if I had just brought more water with us!

National Botanical Gardens Washington D.C.

This is outside the botanical gardens.  It was such a hot day I let them get pretty wet.