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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where would you live if you could choose anywhere?

          Although we move a lot with the military we never get to choose where we live.  Oh, we have some say.  We fill out our wish list and hope to get our number one or two pick, but of course it never happens.  For instance our number one pick this last time was Hawaii and our tenth pick was Las Vegas.  Ironic isn't it.  Wouldn't Hawaii be an awesome place to live.  We got to visit once and I definitely think I could live there.
     Two moves ago we requested England and Japan.  These are the only overseas assignments with the plane my husband flies.  We had been putting off traveling overseas for years in hope we would one day live there.  I was hopeful, but it turned out to be Florida.  Which turned out to be quite nice.  The beaches in Panama City Beach were amazing and it was a wonderful place to live.  It's a small community, the schools are great and the weather is too.  I miss it more than I thought I would and I still have a house there.  Hopefully it will sell someday! 
    Three moves ago we were in an odd assignment situation and had an opportunity to move to St. Louis.  We were very excited since this would be much closer to all of our family.  Then about a move before we moved it got switched to Portland, Oregon.  We were shocked, but still pretty excited to get to live in a different part of Oregon.  Living in Portland was life changing for me.  I never thought I would ever live in Oregon.  There is so much to do there and the city has so much to offer.  It was a great place to live.  Even with all the rain!  And sadly I still own a house in Portland too.  My husband and I have a knack for buying homes and never getting rid of them!!

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