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Friday, November 11, 2011

Heelys Review

I was beyond excited when my daughter's Heelys came in the mail a few weeks ago.  Until now none of my kids have ever had a pair.  They have asked for them year after year, but I always said no.  I wrongly assumed they were too expensive.  Now, I know they run a great special everyday on their website. 

Needless to say, when Heelys offered the chance to review a pair I took it!  I knew she was going to be excited to get them (and she was!), but I didn't realize how excited all of the kids would get.  Here's a video of their reaction. 

Now that I've watched her learn to use them (it took a few days for her to get the hang of it, the how to videos on Heely's website was a huge help) and seen how much fun she is having with them I plan to get my boys a pair for Christmas.  I will probably get some on Black Friday.  Heelys is running a special from November 25th - 28th.  When you buy any pair of Heelys you get the second pair for $25, plus free shipping.

 An added bonus is the complaining about going to the store has stopped! When we went to the furniture store and the grocery store yesterday she was actually excited, because she could heely all over the place!

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