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Friday, March 29, 2013

ABC Mouse – Review and Giveaway

 When I found out ABC Mouse was going to let a blogger try out their site I jumped at the chance.

What is ABC Mouse you ask? 

  • ABCmouse is an Early Learning Academy with a full online curriculum for preschool through Kindergarten. 

My youngest is in kindergarten and learning to read. I know they do a lot at school, but there’s 27 kids in his kindergarten class and it’s just too many. So, we’ve been trying to supplement at home which is not always easy.

We’ve actually tried another computer program and he hated it, so I wasn’t sure if he would even try ABC Mouse. I have two of their free phone apps on my cell and he plays those, so when I said ABC Mouse he already seemed to have a positive attitude towards it.

Much to my delight he immediately got right into it. I set him up on the learning path and he did 5 activities in one sitting. (If you have a high energy little guy like mine then you will know why that’s a huge deal.) He enjoyed it so much he discussed it with me and played again later that day. Since then he has play every single day. Sometimes he does the learning path that was customized for his age and sometimes he just does free choice. I love listening to him sing a long with the songs.

 ABC Mouse
Another great things is the parents section. Here I can watch his progress and adjust his levels if I want. There’s also explanations of the various lessons. They’ve got hundred of lessons.

Win a one year subscription to ABCMouse.com

Here's your chance to win your children a one year subscription to ABC Mouse. You can also check out their Facebook page for more info http://www.facebook.com/ABCmouse 
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