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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pinterest Tips for Bloggers

Tips for Bloggers on how to use and utilize Pinterest.

Pinterest Profile Tips

  • Connect you profile to Facebook and Twitter
  • Make sure your profile picture is of you, not something random. It is ok to use your brand logo/pict if that is easily recognizable.
  • In your profile description, include keywords to describe yourself:
Travel blogger
Stylish Crafts
DIY Projects

IF you connect your account to twitter, then your twitter description will show up as your profile description and you will need to go in and change it.

Pinterest Boards Tips

  • Utilize keywords in the title of the board. For example Travel with Kids, Travel Tips, Family Travel, Recipes, Crockpot Recipes, etc.

  • Make sure you’ve selected the most fitting category for all of your boards.

  • Add a description to each board. This is the best place to add hashtags. For example #travel #Disney #recipe #dessert

  • Make sure the cover photo for each of your boards is the best picture out of all the pins on the board.

  • Create a board just for your blog.

Tips for Pins

  • It is better to pin vertical photos then horizontal.

  • Do not pin tons at once. Instead pin for five minutes here and there throughout the day.

  • Add a clear to the point description to every pin. Include hashtags.

  • The best times to pin are 2-4 PM EST and 8-1 AM EST

  • If you want to repin your pin to multiple boards do it over the course of a week. You do not want to spam someone else’s feed.

Gain Pinterest Followers

  • Join PinWoot a site that helps you gain followers.

  • Create a collaborative board or join one relevant to your blog. Try to join one that’s relevant and has a massive following.
  • Tweet your pins occasionally, once a day is fine.                                                       

  • Share on Facebook based on your friends. This works great for a few, but not for the majority.

  • Comment on others pins. Others that repin it will see your comment and hopefully will follow you.

  • Join Repinly and occasionally pin one of the most popular pins to attract more views on your board.

Pinterest for Your Blog

  • Add a Pin It button to all of your posts. The best place for it is with your other social media buttons.

  • Verify your website on Pinterest. This option is found under settings.

  • If you have an article people would love make sure it has a pinable graphic! Go back and add photos if you need to.

  • If you have a post that needs a pin friendly graphic you can make one at one of these sites.



http://Piktochart.com (This one has a monthly fee.)


To see what has been pinned from your website go to 

When you find what has been pinned from your site be sure to

 1) Like or comment on the pin to increase the ranking of the pin and expand it’s reach

 2) Repin the most interesting and unique images.

 3) Follow those who pinned your pages. This may encourage them to return to your site.

Please leave any questions you have below and I will answer them.

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