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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shows aboard the Disney Fantasy

Disney Fantasy Cruise
Have you ever seen a live show that blew you away? 

All three shows aboard the Disney Fantasy were impressive. I think they know how good they are, so they show you a marvelous show the first night. Then the next night they out do themselves. By the third show people are leaping to their feet. The audience can barely contain themselves. At times you forget your on a ship. The talent is over flowing and the sets are stunningly elaborate.

 The three Disney cruise ship shows I got to enjoy were Wishes, Aladdin, and Believe.  
Disney Fantasy Cruise
Wishes - Disney Fantasy show

Wishes is about three teenagers that are about to graduate high school.  One of them is trying hard to be "grown up".  Throughout the show she  realizes she is not living in the moment, because she is so focused on the future.

Disney Fantasy Cruise
Aladdin on the Disney Fantasy Cruise ship
Aladdin stays true to the original Disney movie.  They've done an       amazing job bringing this story to the stage.  The actor playing the Genie has such talent, I'm sure he could perform a one man show.  At one 
Disney Fantasy Cruise
Disney Fantasy Cruise ship's live show Believe
point it rained money.  It was so cute to watch the kids scramble to getthe Aladdin dollars.

Believe was a treat to watch.  In this one a dad is to focused on work  and prestige.  The dad ignores his daughter and tells her there is not such thing as magic.  Through a long journey (compliments of the Genie) 
he comes to realize that there is magic all around him and the most magical thing of all, his daughter.  

I highly recommend all three shows. I would watch all three of them 
again. They're perfect for all ages.  There's even a splash of (clean) 
adult humor sprinkled throughout the shows. I have not seen Believe on the Disney Dream, but Kim from TravelingMom.com told me that it was a 
little different.  

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