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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1st Haircut at the Magic Kingdom: 6 Tips to make the long line less painful

While at Disney World we took J to the Magic Kingdom for his 1st haircut! He did really good, it was only $14, and he received Mickey ears and a certificate! 

Here are a few tips in case you are thinking of having your child's first hair cut at Disney World

1. Get to the park as early as you can.  Be there when the gates open.  I mean the gates right in front of the Magic Kingdom, not the monorail. 

2. Head to the barber shop as soon as you get into the park.  It is on the left of the circle before you start walking down main street over in a corner. 

3. There will be a line and there is usually only two ladies doing hair.  If you get lucky there might be three.  They get regular breaks; you are going to be in line a while! 

4. Keep in mind your other kids can get their hair done as well.  They have a cool dude for the guys.  This consists of hair paint and sparkle confetti.  They do the same thing for girls, but they will do a pony tail or a bun with hair paint and sparkle confetti. 

5. While you are waiting in line one adult can keep the place in line while the other takes the kids to meet characters.  We were in line for so long my kids met Chip n Dale and the cows.  (I don't know their names)  We got in the line at 9:30 only 30 minutes after the park opened but the line was so long we were in it for over an hour. 
6. Do Not wait until later in the day to get this done.  They close early around 4 PM.
To keep the kids from moving all over the place they stick stickers all over the smock and their clothes.  The kids focus on moving around or taking off the stickers.

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