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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10 tips for Road Trips with Kids

1. Movie player! It will make the entire trip better if the kids can watch movies.

2. Get a new movie for the drive. Kids will watch a new movie over and over.

3. Plan and play road trip games,like the ABC game.

4. Make the most out of a stopping. Instead of stopping to eat and again for gas, stop somewhere you can do everything: gas, eat, and restroom.

5. Don't let the kids gorge themselves on drinks. I let my kids have drinks, but I make sure to spread it out. This keeps us from making extra stops.

6. Pack meals around your schedule. If I'm waking the kids up at 5am to hit the road I feed them breakfast in the car. I will also pack a lunch to keep us from getting stuck in the drive through line during the lunch rush.

7. Bring snacks. I take fruit, chips, crackers, and anything else that's simple.

8. Listen to an exercise cd when everyone's tired of being in the car. I have the Happy Butts cd. It's a little silly, but it's gets everyone moving and laughing. Best of all it keeps the driver active and awake.

9. Clean out the car at each gas stop. Don't wait until your at your destination, instead cleaning as you go will help maximize car space.

10. Take toys for the drive. I let each kid pack a bag of stuff they want for the journey.

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