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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Esio Hot and Cold Beverage System

Have you heard about the latest and greatest drink system out there?

It's the Esio Hot and Cold Beverage System. This handy machine always has hot water and cold water ready to go. So, whether you want to make yourself a cup a coffee or a glass of ice tea, it's ready. The Esio includes a strength selector. If you want a really strong cup of coffee you can turn the strength all the way up. If your like me and enjoy mild coffee, you can choose the lowest strength.

Our family has had so much fun lately with our new Esio Hot and Cold Beverage System. We've used it everyday since we got it. I've already had to order more E-Paks from the Esio website. They have free shipping! You can get them at Walmart too. The kids love the constantly ready hot water. They make themselves at least one hot chocolate everyday. I love waking up and having my cup of coffee ready in seconds.
Esio Hot and Cold Beverage System
I've even used my new Esio for entertaining. I had the ladies over for margaritas using the Crystal Light Margarita E-Pak. These margaritas are only 10 calories a serving, plus however many calories are in the tequila you add. You can see from the picture above how to pop in the E-Pak for the beverage you want to make. The E-Paks are self sealing, that way you can use your 14 servings whenever is convenient for you.
Esio Hot and Cold Beverage System Margaritas
One second the adults are making margaritas and the next moment the kids are making hot chocolates.
My daughter was quite the little hostess showing everyone how to use the Esio. She made lots of hot chocolates to go with the butterscotch cookie bars!

The kids preferred juice to go with their pizza, so we put in a V-8 Splash Berry Blend E-Pak, selected the lowest strength, and they all enjoyed fruit juice with less sugar.

I received a gift for this review.

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