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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Vacation to Italy and Spain

     Our travels were amazing and we took about 1500 pictures. So, I have lots of blogging to do. Each city was neat and each was completely different from the others. My favorite was Venice, Italy and Paul's favorite was Rome, Italy. We can't wait to take the kids to Italy someday, but probably not Spain. 

      Rome, Italy was our first stop and we saw as many things as we could in four days. There is just so much to see and do. We both loved the Sistine chapel. We loved all the history and the amazing churches. We enjoyed hanging around the pantheon and Novena plaza. It was so relaxing and the food was great as was the beer and wine.

     Venice, Italy was stunning. We did not do much here but walk around, eat, drink and hang out. We went on a gondola ride just a little before sunset and hardly anyone else was in the canal at this time so it was peaceful and private and the bottle of wine we took on was the best wine we had the whole trip. After we got done with the gondola we went and found a quite little area and sat on the steps looking at the water drinking the rest our wine.

     By the time we traveled to Barcelona we were worn out. We flew to the wrong airport (Thanks Ryan Air). We had one very long bus ride, some confused walking around, and a taxi ride that we weren't sure they guy understood us!  We arrived at our hotel at two in the morning. Much to our delight it was a five star hotel and we ordered lots of room service so we weren't starving when we went to bed. The next two days we did a bus tour, strolled Las Ramblas and through the Gothic quarter. We squeezed in the Picasso musuem, Sagrada Familia, and other sights and spent our last day laying at the beach.

     Madrid was very different then all the other places. we went to lots of art museums. By now we had gotten used to the tapas thing, but found three really great Mexican food places so we ate nothing but tacos and tapas for days. While we were in Madrid August 15 is some sort of holiday there and it was just one big raging party in the streets. It was so fun. We went back to that area the next night ready to dance and have more fun but I guess they don't party like that everynight.

Well, I could just keep going and going so I will stop for today but will post more soon!

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