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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Where to get a free beer in Vegas

     Unless you are gambling drinks are never free in Vegas.  Recently, I spent $12 on a beer at the Ghostbar over at the Palms.  So, I was surprised when my husband and his brother found a place giving out free beer. 
     My brother in law had read about a bar called Double Down that he wanted to go to.  While him and my husband were in Double Down their car got towed.  Always make sure you are parking somewhere you will not get towed.  They parked in a 7-11 parking lot.  Not knowing what to do while they wait to hear back about the car, they look around and see the Freezone.  They don't want to go back to Double Down and Freezone is advertising free beer, so problem solved.
     They go in and there's no catch; you can even get more then one free drink and there is no cover!  They both got 3 free pints of beer while they were there.  Freezone turns out to be a very popular gay bar in Vegas.  Everyday Freezone offers free beer from 8 PM until 1 AM and free pool.  This is a great way to save money while your in Vegas.  To find out more about the Freezone or gay friendly hotels, restaurants, activities, or bars in the Las Vegas area visit Gay Travel Buddy.

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Friday, September 30, 2011

Daphne and Apollo


One of the marble sculptures we saw in Rome, Italy was breathe taking.  Its the Apollo and Daphne sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini located at the Borghese Gallery.  I had no idea a sculpture could have such exquisite details.  These pictures do not do it justice.

Depicted is Daphne is being turned into a laurel tree while Apollo chases her in vain.
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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Baby's 1st Hair Cut at Magic Kingdom - Disney World

I can't think of any place better to get Baby's 1st  Haircut than Disney World.

Getting our son's first hair cut at the barber shop in Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom was awesome.  Even though we had to stand in line for a long time it was worth it.  (Tips for the line)
To keep the kids from moving all over the place they stick stickers all over the smock and their clothes.  The kids focus on moving around or taking off the stickers.

She spent a fair amount of time with us and did not rush us at all.

When they were done they gave him little Mickey ears to wear. On the back of the Mickey ears it says 1st Haircut.  They also gave him a keepsake certificate and wrapped his hair up for me to keep.  All of this for only $14!

How to Utilize Disney FastPass System

Disney Tickets

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