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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Seaworld - Orlando, Florida

Since it is a new year we were able to get in free to sea world again with Busch gardens salute to the troops. This time I actually took pictures and rode some big rides.

My husband and I didn't ride any big roller coasters last time we were here so this time we were. While my husband went to ride manta I took this kids to look at the sea turtles, pet the sting rays and pet the dolphins.
Sea World Orlando Florida

My husband riding manta. When you have kids one adult stands in line and rides the ride. As soon as you get done with the ride you ask the worker for a swap card. Then the other adult takes the card and goes into the ride through a quicker line or through the exit. This way you can both have a chance to riding without both of you having to wait.
Sea World Orlando Florida

Near Manta there is an aquarium.

Sea World Orlando Florida

Sea World Orlando Florida

While my husband stood on line for Kracken roller coaster we went to see the penguins.
Sea World Orlando Florida

Me riding Kracken. I am the one with out my arms up.
Sea World Orlando Florida

They have an excellent Sesame Street show.
Sea World Orlando Florida

There is a dolphin bird acrobat show that is pretty good.

Sea World Orlando Florida

There is an area where there are lots of little kid rides. My two year old can ride almost all of them as long as we ride them with him.
Sea World Orlando Florida

Near the little rides is a massive play/climbing area.

Sea World Orlando Florida

Around Christmas time they have an ice skating show that is surprisingly good. Granted I love ice skating!
Sea World Orlando Florida

The shamu show. Do Not sit in the splash zone or near it. Two reasons. 1. You are to close to see the show well. 2. You will get soaked. Many people don't realize how powerful shamu can splash. It is funny to watch them start running when they realize what is about yo happen!
Sea World Orlando Florida

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

North side of Kauai Hawaii

Hawaii was awesome. It is one of those places you think you would like to go and think you never will. Or atleast that was what Hawaii was to me. I really loved the fact that we were in a tropical environment in the middle of winter and we were still in America.

An Over look near our hotel
Kauai Hawaii

This was Anini Beach. You can tent camp here.

Anini Beach Kauai, Hawaii

Anini Beach Kauai, Hawaii

Tunnels Beach on the north side. The beach was nice, but a little cold. There was a huge cave that we walked through.
Tunnels Beach Kauai, Hawaii
Tunnels Beach Kauai, Hawaii
Tunnels Beach Kauai, HawaiiTunnels Beach Kauai, Hawaii

Hanalei beach on the north side. This area was not as warm as some other parts of the island. Only 70 degress in December!

Hanalei Beach Kauai Hawaii
Hanalei Beach Kauai Hawaii

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Potty Training hell

Right now, I am almost a year into potty training and it has become pointless. My youngest child is almost 3 and should be using the potty all the time. He apparently only does so when he feels like it.
For instance on a long car ride. He doesn't like to sit in a yucky diaper; so miraculously he can hold it and uses the potty every stop we make over the course of a 17 hour drive.

 Unfortunately when we are at home he could care less. When he is at MOPS and Mommy's morning out he is using the bathroom. All the workers are so amazed that he is potty trained. I am also amazed and annoyed.

So with that said, I know I have successfully taught him to go potty, because he does it so well when he wants to. Now if I could just get him to go potty for me. I am so tired of buying diapers and carrying a diaper bag. The other day I caught myself day dreaming about burning the diaper bag in our fire pit!!

Tips anyone??

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

A few Military Discounts

I don't mention it much but I have been a military wife for almost ten years now. There are somethings I like about being a military wife and a lot of things I do not like. One I do like is military discounts. So, I have decided that when I know of one I will add it here.

Old Navy - save 10-20% depending on the store the first 4 days of the month

Nike Factory store - 10%

Ann Taylor Loft - 15% off full price

Lowes - 10%

Home Depot - 10%

Dairy Queen - 10%

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