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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Torani is at the Rose Festival

Last weekend we ventured out to the Rose Festival in Portland, OR for the first time. Torani, a family owned business, was nice enough to invite the kids and I for a day of fun at the festival.

When we got into the fair the very first place we saw was the Torani booth. They had a free coffee bar where you can make yourself a coffee and try different flavors. If you can't make it to the Rose Festival you can always pick up a bottle of your favorite flavor at most grocery stores.
I sampled the Almond Roca and Cinnamon Vanilla. Both were yummy!

 The kids tried out the cherry lime Italian soda and a raspberry Italian soda. The entire Torani team was awesome with my kids. Their team is in town from San Francisco (it's an American company) for the Rose Festival and making their way to Seattle next.
Daily deals in Portland

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