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Friday, October 1, 2010

PlayStaion 3 rewards program

I am currently hosting a PlayStation 3 Online VIP Gaming Rewards program.  If you or your child would like to participate please click here to join.

Each month they will give you a new challange and for each challange you complete you earn rewards.  Every point you earn gets you closer to receiving great PlayStation® prizes like themes and game demos. Not only that, but PlayStation® will also be giving away 25 other prizes each month!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

eating CHEAP at Disney World

Eating at Disney World can be very expensive. Keep in mind you can take in food. We usually take in lots of snacks, bottled water, Gatorade and juice boxes. We also take lunchables for the kids.  You can not bring in anything that is in a glass container.  You can bring in a soft sided cooler, but not a hard sided one.  If you go to the water parks you can take in a hard sided container.

Cheap places to eat at Disney World:

Epcot - There is a place in France called Boulangerie Patisserie where you can get a ham and cheese croissant for 3.25. These are so good and large. They will even heat it up if you like!

Magic Kingdom - At Cosmic Rays you can order a double cheeseburger and an extra bun. You can make two hamburgers. You can load it with as much extras as you want at the condiments bar.  Their free condiment bar consists of lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, sauteed onions, and sauteed mushrooms.

At Tortuga Tavern you can order a taco salad, burrito, or nachos and load them up at the free condiment bar. You can essentially make the meals much larger that way you order less meals.

Disney Studios - At Backlot Express you can order a double cheese burger and an extra bun kit (bun, tomato, lettuce) for less than $2 and then make two hamburgers. 

Kids Eat free in Orlando
Free Stuff to Do at Disney

Disney Tickets
Buy 3 Days, Get 1 Day FREE to Walt Disney World. Plus, FREE Shipping!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge in WA

We went to the Great Wolf Lodge a few times about a year ago. Our kids loved it and we did too. At the time we were living right outside of Portland, OR so we visited the one up in Washington, Grand Mound. It had been a very cold winter and it was very refreshing to step into their water park that they keep extremely warm. I think they keep it at 78 degrees.

The rooms were awesome. There was a refrigerator and microwave. The kids had a bunk area with their own tv. This may not sound like much but what a difference it makes to have that little separate area!

There were also wall hangings, treasure boxes, and other strange things that would "go off" when you waved a magic wand at them. My kids loved this feature! You can get a wand in their magic shop.

The actual water park had tons to do. A kiddie area, wave pool, body slides, tube slides, hot tub and a swimming area with basketball and lily pads to cross.

I would definitely recommend this. It is expensive so be sure to sign up for their mailing list to get good deals. We were able to get a deal that they mailed to us for $175 a night and another time we used the military discount and got the room for $170 a night. Both times we were able to get this rate on a bunk room. It is expensive to eat at the actually hotel. Go into town to eat!

Since we have been there they have opened another family tube ride and a putt putt course.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hesperia Tower Hotel - Barcelona, Spain

Hotel Hesperia
Hotel Hesperia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hotel Hesperia Tower

The Barcelona hotel we stayed at was Hotel Hesperia Tower.  It was unbelievably nice, designed by Richard Rogers a famous British architect.  It was by far the nicest hotel we stayed in on our trip. 

After flying into the wrong airport and then taking over an hour long bus ride into Barcelona we found ourselves in downtown Barcelona at 2:00 AM wondering where our hotel was. We looked at the map and quickly decided it was to late to be trying to figure this out, so we had to find a cab.  After walking around for about five minutes a cab rolled by and picked us up.  We got lucky because our hotel was no where near where we were and we were not sure the cab driver understood which hotel we were saying!  After the stress and exhaustion of the day I was so relieved to see such a beautiful hotel and room.  

Room Service

They even had room service at that hour.  Again, we were lucky, because we had not had dinner.  We ordered the "lunchbox" which was swiftly brought to us.  It was a huge sandwich and salad, assorted dessert and some other stuff.  It was so good I wish I had taken a picture.  

This was also the cheapest hotel we stayed in!  Only $68 a night with breakfast.  The breakfast buffet had a huge selection and everything was delicious.  At that price it might just be the best hotel in Barcelona!

Here are a few photos of our room.
Hotel Hesperia Tower Barcelona Spain
Hotel Hesperia Barcelona Spain
Hotel Hesperia Barcelona Spain
Hotel Hesperia Barcelona Spain
Hotel Hesperia Barcelona SpainBarcelona HotelBarcelona hotelBarcelona Hotel

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