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Friday, August 12, 2011

Dublin Castle

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Christ Church - Dublin

The Christ Church in Dublin, Ireland is truly beautiful.  It is one of the more stunning cathedrals I have seen. 

Christ Church Dublin, Ireland

Christ Church Dublin, Ireland

Christ Church Dublin, IrelandChrist Church Dublin, Ireland

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Packing List for Camping

I have to keep around a Camping Packing list of everything to take camping, because otherwise I'll forget the most important thing like the camping tents!  Until last week I had my list on my phone.  When the phone went dead I lost my list.  I decided to make another here on my blog that way it is always handy and I can't lose it again! Medicine is always at the top of any packing list, because unfortunately we've had at least two trips cut short because we forgot our daughter's medicine.

Here is my list of essential Camping Gear!

Air Mattress
Air pump
Sleeping Bags (Winter weight)
Glow Sticks
Roasting sticks
gram crackers
baby wipes
hand sanitizer
citronella candle
mosquito spray
ice chest
Frisbee and other outdoor toys
scooters (if there is sidewalk)
Camping Stove preferably one with a coffee maker
paper products
trash bags
hiking shoes
shower shoes (we use flip flops)
life jacket

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paddle boarding in Roatan, Honduras

Roatan Sights and Attractions invited us to come out and paddle board with Steve's Paddle Shack over in West End of Roatan., Honduras. 

Roatan, Honduras
Paddle boarding is surprisingly easy. My four year old was too small, but the boards are so steady that he sat on the front while my husband paddled. Our ten and seven year old both learned and had fun.
Roatan, Honduras
My balance is not great, but I was still able to do it. It's quite a work out.
Roatan, Honduras
Once we were done we headed over to a nearby baleada restaurant that had been recommended to us Chapi Catrachas.  They were wonderful, especially the avocado baleadas!

Roatan Sights and Attractions is an awesome resource for everything you need to know about Roatan.  They also offer giveaways and free activities and a regular basis. 

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Guiness Factory

The Guiness Factory is huge.  They have a complex spread out over 55 acres.

Guiness Factory Dublin, Ireland

Guiness Factory Dublin, Ireland

Guiness Factory Dublin, Ireland

Guiness Factory Dublin, Ireland

You can not make out from my picture what they are showing on this tv, but I had to post this picture.  On this tv they are showing American's enjoying Guiness while watching a football game.  The game they are watching is actually a movie Friday Night Lights.  Which is a movie based on the highschool my husband and I both went too!Friday Night Lights (Widescreen Edition)

Guiness Factory Dublin, Ireland

The view from the top floor.

Guiness Factory Dublin, Ireland

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