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Friday, August 5, 2011

Moving to the ATL

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

I had no reason to move to Atlanta other than my mother but when she got sick I didn’t really feel like I had a choice. She was my entire world and she needed me more than ever so I packed up everything I owned and rented a Uhaul to get down there. I moved in with mom and made a few upgrades to her place (got cable, went to AtlantaHomeSecurity.com/) and started my life as a fulltime home health worker for she and myself. It’s actually what I went to school for so I knew what I was doing and we were both lucky that mom had enough of a pension to support us both during this time. Mom passed away in March after a long cancer battle but it was so wonderful being able to spend her last few months by her side. I know it made her feel better and I sure got a lot of comfort out of being able to help her during her weakest moments.

St. Stephen's Green park

This is a park with lots of stuff to do all around it.  It's in a great location! The park is large and quite. A good spot to let the kids run or have a picnic.

St. Stephan's Green park in Dublin, Ireland

St. Stephan's Green park in Dublin, Ireland

St. Stephan's Green park in Dublin, Ireland

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

10 tips for Road Trips with Kids

1. Movie player! It will make the entire trip better if the kids can watch movies.

2. Get a new movie for the drive. Kids will watch a new movie over and over.

3. Plan and play road trip games,like the ABC game.

4. Make the most out of a stopping. Instead of stopping to eat and again for gas, stop somewhere you can do everything: gas, eat, and restroom.

5. Don't let the kids gorge themselves on drinks. I let my kids have drinks, but I make sure to spread it out. This keeps us from making extra stops.

6. Pack meals around your schedule. If I'm waking the kids up at 5am to hit the road I feed them breakfast in the car. I will also pack a lunch to keep us from getting stuck in the drive through line during the lunch rush.

7. Bring snacks. I take fruit, chips, crackers, and anything else that's simple.

8. Listen to an exercise cd when everyone's tired of being in the car. I have the Happy Butts cd. It's a little silly, but it's gets everyone moving and laughing. Best of all it keeps the driver active and awake.

9. Clean out the car at each gas stop. Don't wait until your at your destination, instead cleaning as you go will help maximize car space.

10. Take toys for the drive. I let each kid pack a bag of stuff they want for the journey.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Elgin, Scotland

Elgin, Scotland is a small town up in the highlands of Morray. It's a beautiful area not far from the coast. It's full of history including some phenomenal Cathedral Ruins. If you are wondering where to stay in Elgin, I recommend the Mansion House Hotel.

Things to do in Elgin, Scotland

  • Check out main street.  It's full of unique shops. There is also a lovely fountain and huge church. Try to find out ahead of time when you can get into the church.  I never caught it open.

Elgin, Scotland

  • Check out the gardens.  This was part of a garden I stumbled upon while driving around lost.

Elgin, Scotland

  • Enjoy the food.  Eligin has great Indian food at Akash. This picture below was my favorite tea shop, Bijou. They had the best scone in Scotland!

Elgin, Scotland

Elgin, Scotland

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My 7 Links

I'm participating in the My 7 Links project.  Here they are!

My most beautiful post is the one I wrote on Lake Shuswap in British Columbia, Canada.  It's stunning there!

My most popular post is the one I wrote on Rome about the Roman Forum and Coliseum.

My most controversial post is the one I write on my experience at a beach in Barcelona.  We purposely went to a non nude beach, but it didn't matter!

My most helpful post is 11 ways to save Money on Vacations.

The post whose success surprised me was Kids Eat free in Vegas.  Apparently a lot of people are looking for kids eat free places in Vegas just like I me.

 The posts I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved were on Disney World.  I have been surprised how little response my posts on Disney World have gotten. We spent 50 days in Disney from 2008-2009. I can tell you almost anything about Disney World!

The post I'm most proud of is the one I wrote about the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Walt Disney World.  At the time I wrote this I was still undetermined which direction this blog was going to take.  This was an awesome experience for our family, especially our daughter and it was fun to write about and share.  I realized how much I enjoyed sharing our travel experiences.

Thanks to Anne at 500 Places With Kids and Sonja at To Europe With Kids for selecting me to participate in 7 links.

Here are my nominations.
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