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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Goby.com is a great travel tool for families

gGoby.com has been a new fantastic website discovery for me.  I just found out about it a week ago when they partner with TravelingMom.com to giveaway an IPad 2!!!!  I was so excited and loved their website.  Then the next day I found out my kids were accepted into Operation Purple camps for military kids.  I was thrilled, but my daughter is only 7 and I am nervous to leave her behind.  Not sure what to do, I turned to Goby.com immediately and looked at the closest town to where my kids will be.  I wanted to see what the town was like and if it was a place I could spend a week with my four year old. 

Once I looked it up I realized it was a huge town with tons to offer.  I had never heard of it, so I assumed it was an in the middle of nowhere kind of place.  Instead I found water parks, museums, playgrounds and more.  I even found something just for me, wineries!  Yes, I take my kids to wineries and they complain the entire time. 

I was able to plug in the dates we were going to be there and they gave me a list of concerts, a brewery festival, plays and baseball games.  It was so easy.  In less then 10 minutes I knew everything I needed to know.  Including a place for us to stay!

Be sure to go enter the contest at TravelingMom.com and join us for a Twitter Party May 23rd.  I know everyone wants an Ipad!!  See you at the party!

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Monday, May 16, 2011

The many beds of Honduras

Spending time in Honduras has been quite the family adventure. We have experienced all kinds of new things including some interesting beds.

At Las Sirenas in Roatan, Honduras we stayed in a canopy bed complete with all the bells and whistles of white canopy bedding. It felt very exotic! I had never stayed in a canopy bed before. I definately see the appeal. It was a real shame you couldn't see the ocean from the bed, but the bedroom was all the way in the back of the condo!

Right now we are staying at Infinity Bay in Roatan, Honduras and the bed has palm tree bedding. It even has palm trees carved into the wood on the bed posts, it is so high off the ground I have to jump to get in it. It's very tropical and makes me want to change our bedroom at home into palm tree bedding. Bring a little of the tropical environment home to the desert.

Staying on base wasn't quite as glamorous. We were left sticking our kids on an air mattress complete with an air mattress frame. Did you know they made frames for air mattresses? I didn't, but have the frame did make it seem more like a real bed. Maybe I should get a frame for out one at home for when we have guests! The air mattress was actually nicer than the bed we had, seen below.

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