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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tacos in Madrid, Spain

La Taqueria Madrid Spain tacosSince traveling through Madrid, Spain I can not stop thinking about the yummy tacos we had while we were there. If you are traveling there you should really go to all of these restaurants.

La Taqueria - a nice sit down place where the down stairs is non smoking!! I had the tacos al Pastor and they were awesome. My husband had that some sort of chicken dish which was good even tough it was not what he thought it was going to be. We also ordered some guacamole and it was very good and a large portion. The wine was cheap and they had good salsa. This was my favorite place I ate while in Europe. The address is Don Pedro, 11 - 28005 Madrid tel. 913651077 La Taqueria Madrid Spain tacosThis is me in the downstairs part of La Taqueria

Taqueria Mi Ciudad - is a little hole in the wall with super cheap tacos. They make several types and tacos and they were all good. I am pretty sure we tried all of them. We ate like pigs and our whole bill was 12 euro. I can't remember exactly where it is, but I think it is on the same street and same side as La Mordida!

La Mordida - a nice sit down place where there is non smoking!! I had the tacos al Pastor and they were awesome. My husband had that nachos which were good. The wine was cheap and they had good salsa. The address is Bebe y Calla, SL. Las Fuentes, 3 28013 Madrid. tele - 915591136


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

hotel bidding with Priceline

no one deals like we do!

One of my favorite websites to book travel through is priceline. I often use this to book hotels and occasionally I use it for flights. Here are a few of the deals I have gotten.

$45 a night at Courtyard Marriott in Jackson Mississippi
$33 a night at Hilton Garden in near Sea World, Orlando
$40 a night at Holiday Inn in Tallahassee

When you are bidding on the first page it will pop up a box that tells you if there is next to no chance of that bid being accepted. So, if for a $30 bid it says this, I bump it up in $5 increments until it takes that box away. So, lets say at $45 it took the box away, now I am going to start reducing it by $1 until it pops up again. Now I am at $42 when the warning pops back up, so I bid $43 and I usually get it.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Biking along scenic 30A in the Fl panhandle

Early Morning Seacrest Beach
Early Morning Seacrest Beach (Photo credit: tango_28)
Recently, we were lucky enough to have my parents come and visit us. They brought their bikes with them, so we needed to find a place to go biking. We had been told that near Grayton beach there was biking. Well, as it turns out there is biking all along scenic 30A.  The turn off for the part that starts/ends at Rosemary beach is only ten minutes from our house! This route can be found between Panama City Beach and Destin, Florida.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Rosemary Beach, but there is a cute little town there. With shops and cafes. You can park your bike and walk down the the beach.  The walk down to the beach is a wooden walkway made up of hundreds of stairs.  Their is also a handicap accessible ramp.

This picture is of the next town over, Seacrest Beach. We only biked for a minute and found this splash pad area for the kids.
The next area we hit that was worth a stop was Alys Beach.  All of the homes they are building out there are beautiful. They have a nature hike in the back of the neighborhood and they are putting walking trails through there and well as running and river through the neighborhood. At the front of the neighborhood on the west end we found this park. It has a zip line, slides, toddler toys and a little cafe/bookstore attached.

Once you leave Alys Beach to head further west it is at least a ten minute bike ride before you hit another town. But if you keep going you will hit many more beach towns like Watercolor and Grayton Beach. Here is a picture of Grayton Beach. There is a great restaurant there The Red Bar!  The food is delicious and comes in massive portions and their is almost always live music! 

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