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Friday, September 9, 2011

I can’t not believe I got my Wedding Ring BACK!!!

It has been over a week since my wedding was recovered after being stolen from Caesar’s Palace.  I still can’t believe it!

Last week the detective assigned to my case called and ask me to come to his office I agreed.  I thought I was going down to get a copy of the police report.  I literally gasped out load when he said he needed to give me my ring back!  I was circling around the airport when he called to pick up my parents.  They also gasped out loud when I told them the good news. 

I went to pick my ring up and sure enough it was mine!  The detective told me that after I sent him a picture he knew what to look for in the pawn registry.  He came across one that match and went to see if it was mine.  It was.  The pawn gave the gal $1,100 for it.  He already had an idea of who stole it.  A woman’s name he recognized as a problem, was one of the names that registered as keying into the room that day.  The name of the gal who pawned it was not hers, but her daughters.  Obviously she took it.  Now that he had the ring in his possession he went to Caesar’s Palace to question her.  She denied at first, but then confessed.  The detective also recovered the money the pawn shop gave her and gave me some great truths on hotel security.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

4 Delicious Restaurants in Copan, Honduras

Honduras food is unique and always good.  Here are 4 restaurants in Copan, Honduras that I recommend.  All four are kid friendly.

B’alam Café – Located at the Yat Balam Hotel. (which looked very nice)  We had the best breakfast during our trip here. Balam Cafe Copan Honduras

Balam Cafe Copan HondurasCarnitas Nia Lola Copan HondurasCarnitas Nia Lola Copan HondurasCarnitas Nia Lola – I don’t remember what I had here, but it was good.  Check out the waitress above carry our appetizer to us on her head!

Asados Copan – One of the best meals I have ever had anywhere.  Click to see pictures of the delicious food we ate.  Their specialty is grilled meats. 

Elisa’s Cafeteria – This restaurant is located in the hotel we stayed in and was the first place we ate at in Copan.  It was very good.  We were with a lot of people and everyone ordered something different and everyone loved their food.  We had the best Copan grown coffee from here every morning while we sat in the hotel courtyard.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Copan Ruins–Honduras

Copan is a small town located in western Honduras, only 12 km from Guatemala and home to the Copan Mayan ruins.

The ruins were a short walk from Hotel Camino Maya, in the center of town.  It was less than a mile and our four year old was able to walk it with out a problem.  The Copan Ruins are kid friendly and a great activity for families traveling in Honduras.

Copan Ruins, HondurasAt a small visitor's center you pay and get your tickets.  Tickets for children are $7 and include the museum.  Tickets for adults to go into the ruins and the museum are $22.Then there is a short walk towards a gated entry.  It's here that you will meet up with your guide.  The guides are inexpensive and worth it.  You pay the guide directly.  Once you get past the gated you come across a handful of macaw birds.  They are beautiful. 
There are many Mayan statues still intact. Copan Ruins, Honduras
You are allowed to walk on many of the structures.  This makes it especially fun for the kids.
  Copan Ruins, Honduras
The hole you see in this picture is just one of many.  They had underground tunnels and a water system.  There are over 4 km of tunnels and for $10 you can go into two of the tunnels. 
Copan Ruins, Honduras
The hieroglyphic stairway holds the longest known text left by the Mayans. 
Copan Ruins, Honduras

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