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Friday, June 1, 2012

Save Money on Vacation with an International Cell Phone Sim Card

Vacations can get expensive. By the time you've booked your hotel or resort, flights, paid your baggage fees and secured transportation to and from the airport, you've already paid a pretty penny. So what if you need to communicate by phone once you get there? Sure, there are phone cards, but in order to use them you'll need to always be near a landline, many of which won't give you access to voicemail should you miss a call. Many resorts have begun blocking phone cards to force callers to use their credit card information instead.

To circumvent these high costs and headaches there is the international cell phone SIM card. Think of the international cell phone SIM card as a passport to the world. Once you pop it into your cell phone, you're able to freely send and receive phone calls from people all over the world.

Image Courtesy of Blogspot

Image Courtesy of Blogspot
No Need to Alter Your Current Plan
In order to talk by cell phone when traveling, you'll typically have to switch to an international plan, which has a baseline price in addition to by the minute and roaming charges that can creep up to as much as $5 per minute. An international cell phone SIM card is a way around this.

These SIM cards circumvent the need to pay roaming charges and fees that tend to make your bill higher than it should be. A popular option is the T-Mobile prepaid SIM card, available to T-Mobile customers that are about to travel. By paying for minutes on your phone ahead of time, you receive the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you're paying when traveling. There's no worst damper on a vacation than coming home to suspiciously outrageous fees on your cell phone bill that you didn't intend to pay. With the T-Mobile prepaid SIM card, if you haven't funded it enough, you simply won't be able to talk anymore. This may inconvenience you temporarily, but it provides a safeguard that saves a ton of money.
Open Communication with No Contract
Many international SIM cards allow users to send text messages, place calls and receive calls, all without having to be locked into a contract. This SIM card works in numerous countries, so you won't have to worry about roaming based on country code or location. Many companies have gotten in on this convenience, as international SIM cards are now a popular option for people when doing their travel. It allows them a line of communication back home whether they're on business or catching some sunshine at a resort or on a cruise ship.

The upfront nature of international SIM cards allow callers to worry about one less thing when traveling, while saving loads of money in the process.

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Top 10 Attractions not to be missed in Cincinnati City

The Queen city Cincinnati located along the Ohio River in south west Ohio offers a huge variety of fabulous tourist attractions.  Cincinnati is one of the famous tourist destinations in USA. Plan your vacation to Cincinnati with your ESTA US Visa to enter the world of fun and joy. Besides sightseeing, it offers a number of things to do, from sporting events to the annual Tall Stacks Festival. Below are some of the attractions that you should not miss when you visit Cincinnati.

 Cincinnati Art Museum
This museum is dedicated to modern and contemporary art. You can explore more than 60,000 objects, spanning 6000 years of world art. Here you will find a painting collection that includes the great works of old European masters like Titian, Halls, Rubens, Cole, Harnett and Wood.

Fountain Square
A signature Spot of Cincinnati, this Fountain square with its sculpture explains the sustaining uses of water. It is the best known and loved symbol of Cincinnati. You can stand gazing at it without turning your eyes for minutes on end.

Eden Park
Eden Park is the most loveliest and peaceful park in Cincinnati. It has a mirror lake that allows children to play and stroll around the fountain. It is an ideal place for hiking, biking and rock climbing.

Cincinnati ZOO and Botanical Gardens
It is one of the oldest zoos in the country. You will find more than 500 animal and 3000 plant species here. You can see everything from Komodo Dragons to Indian Elephants, to giant walking stick insects.

King’s Island Theme Park
Located in the north eastern portion of Cincinnati King’s Island is one of the Midwest’s largest Theme and water parks. Take a spin on the thriller rides and roller coasters for a slice of adventure.  There are also many live shows to entertain you.

Serpentine wall
This favorable landmark is a massive countered wall of steps.  These steps act as informal bleachers for river front events enjoyed by locals and tourists. You can revel at the speed boat races held at the river fronts and take in the general atmosphere.

Carew Tower
Carew Tower is one of the more famous landmarks of Cincinnati. On the 49th floor of the Carew tower you can enjoy one of the city’s most spectacular views. It is one of the most inexpensive must not miss spots.

Newport Aquarium
You can walk through the tunnels of glass to watch sharks swimming overhead and around. You can find penguins, jelly fish, alligators and octopus. Explore the underwater amazement’s that nature has to offer without getting wet.

Purple People Bridge
This bridge connects Cincinnati and Kentucky. You can skate or walk along the bridge and reach the shopping area of Kentucky.  It is the best place for good wine and fine dining. Or visit the numerous shopping areas for your souvenirs. 
Yeatman’s Cove Water front Park
Ideal for cooling off the water park is a splashing place for your family and kids. You can find spurting jets of water and high water fall cascades that dip you into joy.

Author Bio: Simon Clark . His passion is to write on Travel Blogs reach him @travelplex

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