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Monday, May 20, 2013

Zeepo Sleeping Mask

Zeepo sent me their new strapless sleeping mask to try out and I like it enough to actually recommend it.

I like the fact that the sleeping mask is black. I think that alone makes it stand out from many others on the market. However, that is not what makes Zeepo so unique.

Zeepo is a strapless sleeping mask that stays on your face until you take it off. Instead of having a strap it uses double sided tape. What this means is you will no longer go to sleep wearing a sleeping mask, only to wake up without it still on.
  •  I can actually sleep until my alarm goes off, because it does a great job blocking out light.
  • I've used my mask in the middle of the day when I was wearing makeup and was pleasantly surprised to see when I took it off that the tape did not mess up my makeup.
On our most recent trip to Disney I found an interesting use for Zeepo. I knew if would be good for sleeping on the plane, so I had brought it with me. On our flights my daughter's eyes got irritated. This is not uncommon for the eye condition she has. I thought wouldn't it be nice if I could put something over her eyes to protect them from the air on the airplane. Then it occurred to me with a little more tape I could seal off her eyes with Zeepo. This may sounds crazy, but if you have a kiddo that suffers from vernal conjunctivitis, then you know this is reasonable!

Zeepo Sleep Mask Starter Kit

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