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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Electronic coupons

It's no secret that I like coupons and I was very excited when I found out about electronic coupons. These are coupons you can get on the computer that you load on to your store card. I have a Smith's near my house so that is the card I have them load on.

Some of the websites you can get them at are:

Upromise 120x60
Upromise does not offer a lot of coupons, but I check it once a month. Their's are usually coupons that no one else is offering.


Shortcuts is a website full of coupons that you can load on to your grocery card.

Also, depending on where you shop they offer their own coupons at their stores website.

  • Smiths store website they offer 150 different coupons every month. I pick the ones I want and load them to my card. They include coupons for Kroger brand name, because this is part of the Kroger chain. I think any of the stores related to Kroger offer this.
  • Fred Meyer
  • Albertsons
  • Safeway

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Happenings in Las Vegas

If you are looking for some holiday family fun in Las Vegas here's a list of some fun stuff going on!

Magical Forest at Opportunity Village

Santa Train at Boulder City (Dec 4,5,11,12) departs every hour from 10-4pm, $4 per seat

Springs Preserve Holiday Spectacular

Great Santa Run (at Town Square) Dec 4, 10am, early registration $35

Paint Me a Story at the Artful Potter on Rainbow. $15 payment required at sign up, call to save your space 702-638-1775
Dec 7 at 4pm/Dec 9 at 10:30am Read "A Firefly in a Fir Tree" turn hand prints into Xmas plates
Dec 14 at 4pm/Dec 16 at 10:30am Read "Jingle Jingle" make Xmas tree ornaments

City Wide Music Together will have a free class trial at Fairy Tales and Tutus (newborn to age 5). If you end up liking it, it's a 10-wk program. There's a military discount and I believe a sibling discount. The trial classes will be in the 2nd or 3rd week of December.

There's a lot more activities in Henderson too. Check out this website fore more (it's NOT current)  

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Wordless Wednesday

Look closely. I think the Jockey club timeshare in Las Vegas has a pretty good location. Don't you!
Las Vegas Strip


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ebates - make money at home

 Have you heard of Ebates yet?  Ebates is a website that you log on to and then choose a store to shop at.  For example I just ordered contacts.  So, I logged on to Ebates and then choose VisionDirect to buy from.  I got a certain percentage back.  I can't remember the exact percentage, but I spent about $140 on contacts and I got back a little over $15 on my purchase.

 If you are doing any online shopping this is the way to go.  I just started my online Christmas shopping and so far I have gotten free shipping deals and atleast 6% back on everything!

I consider this a way to make money from home.  You would have spent the money any way and now you have gotten some of it back.

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Barry Manilow - Las Vegas (how to get a free ticket!)

English: Barry Manilow live at the Xcel Energy...

My step mom wanted to go see Barry Manilow's show at the Paris casino in Las Vegas and my dad refused to go with her. So, I took her last night. I wasn't sure what to expect since most of his hits were before I was born. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a good concert and I did recognize some of the songs.  The concert lasted an hour and a half.  He sang all of his big hits, plus several songs of his Christmas Cd's. 

At one point he spoke to the audience about his foundation, Manilow Music Project.  I had never heard of this, but thought it was such a great idea to help the struggling music programs all over this country.  I was in band and I think it was such a vital part of my school years.  He has info on how you can donate an old instrument to a school program.  He mentioned at the concert that if you contact them and donate an instrument they will give you a free ticket to see his show.  They also collect funds to do other things like what they did here in Las Vegas donating $500,000 worth of instruments to the schools here.  (I can speak first hand since my kids are stuck going to school here until we get stationed somewhere else.  The schools are drowning! The Vegas schools need as much help as they can get.)

Here are pictures I got at the show.
Barry Manilow Las Vegas

Barry Manilow Las Vegas

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Cactus garden-Las Vegas

There is a free cactus garden that is part of Ethel M.Chocolate factory here in Las Vegas. They decorate for Christmas and I must say it was beautiful. We walked around and listened to the live band that's there on weekend nights. We thought about standing in line to meet Santa, but the line was long. Instead we went inside the Ethel M. Chocolate factory to get a free sample of chocolate. We had hoped to see them making chocolate, but we didn't get there early enough.

 Which do you think is harder? Putting the lights on the cactus or taking them off!

Ethel M. Chocolate Cactus Garden holiday lights

Ethel M. Chocolate Cactus Garden holiday lights

Ethel M. Chocolate Cactus Garden holiday lights

Ethel M. Chocolate Cactus Garden holiday lights

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