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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Watch TV for free!

Watch Internet Videos on your TV with PlayOn. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Quite Paying for Cable

Recently, I decided I was fed up with paying for cable and I thought we watched too much tv. So, I cancelled it. This was great for about two months and then football season arrived. I am a Red Raider and I was not able to watch the Texas Tech vs. texas univ. game. It was this moment that I knew there must be a way. I began to search the Internet for options. Although, I found several, there is only one I can recommend and it is the one I am using.

The software program is called PlayOn and you can download it to your computer. Then through your router your gaming system will pick it up. You can then watch HULU, NICK, CBS, CNN, ESPN, MTV, PBS Kids, Youtube and more. You can watch almost any tv show through HULU.  We are watching tv using this software through our Play Station 3, iPad 2 and our Wii. I know that you can use it other ways as well including the xbox360, roku,  and the newer online tv's.

For a limited time, get a free Roku when you purchase a Lifetime PlayOn License. No risk, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

For more info you can go to Buy PlayOn Here - 30-Day Money Back Guarantee   It is not completely free, but compared with cable, a one time fee is almost as good as free! I paid 29.99 three and a half years ago and have never had to pay anything else!

How to Watch more TV for Free with PlayOn

After you get the software you can then check out plugins. http://www.playonplugins.com/
http://www.playonscripts.com/.  Your PlayOn will come with a whole array of channels. In case they don't have the channel you want, they have all kinds of various plugins. These are extra things you can add like FOX News, CW, and Cartoons. I added all three of these. On the cartoons plugin we are getting Disney Jr.Nick JR. and Sprout. All of the plugins were completely free.

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